Georgie is co-founder and CEO of cult fashion rental platform Rotaro, and an all round dreamboat!

Talk us through the journey of starting Rotaro? 

Before Rotaro, I worked with luxury fashion brands at consultancy WGSN. I began to develop a sense of eco-anxiety and saw a gap in the market to work directly with brands, helping people rent and experiment with fashion more mindfully. 

I found the very beginning of Hundred Club the hardest, when it was just a seed of an idea. How did you manage to motivate yourself and push your concept?

I always knew I wanted to build my own thing. I come from a family of entrepreneurs, I’m a Taurus, and very independent minded! That’s not to say I haven’t doubted myself, but whenever I do, or need motivation, I return to my core mission of changing the landscape of the fashion industry. 

Your wardrobe is a dream - tell me more!

Since starting Rotaro, the way I wardrobe is totally different. I had a massive clear out and now know every piece of clothing I own, and take accountability for getting the maximum value from each one. My wardrobe is made up of 3 parts: 1 part vintage/preowned, 1 part well made basics, and 1 part rented (where I can get my fun and newness!). 

Do you think the fashion world deserves its cold throat/cold reputation? That's not something I've experienced, but I'm somewhat of an outsider, being just me on my team! 

There's a new type of fashion business that is supportive and inclusive, and that’s the circular fashion economy! The fashion industry is changing to be more considerate towards the planet, and people too. There are definitely still stereotypical icy fashion types, but I don’t really see or engage with them!

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