Moya is a self-proclaimed 'lil irish indo kid in london'. She's a dream girl with an even dreamier heart and soul. The videos she made in her room brought her crazy popularity, real quickly. We connected early during this time, and she's been a Hundred Club bestie and valued supporter ever since.

Your online community seems super wholesome and supportive, which I know can be rare on the internet. Why do you think that might be?

I watched Youtube for so long, but never really commented on other videos, so the fact people bother to is lovely in itself! I think people maybe associate my content with a hard time in their lives, which it provided a bit of a distraction from, as it was during Covid.

Is it hard to balance honest, authentic content - like showing hard days - with aesthetic, aspirational content?

I get pretty removed from footage when editing it - sometimes it doesn't feel like me! I try to be as open as possible, but I think sometimes people forget that I may only film 10 seconds of footage to depict a day, so it'll never be a full representation of my life.

I admire your focus on learning and growth. Is this innately a part of your character or something you've worked on?

I think I've picked it up over time! Recently I've grown most through experiences - but I do love reading too - Siddhartha is a recent fave book - it teaches real lessons in a fictional style. My friends inspire me a lot too.

Tell us some favourite small and sustainable brands - I always go to you for new ones!

I love Peachy Den..Nippy Studios..and the Tokyo brand MUME.

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