We first met Nayna in 2019, when she bought a tee from us! We’ve fangirled each other since then and she's truly one of the nicest souls we’ve met through this journey.

You supported Hundred Club from super early on - and have done the same for lots of small brands. How do you come across them and what qualities do you look for?

Yes! I was enticed by your cute designs and originality which are things I always look for in brands. As well as what they’re doing to be more ethical and sustainable. I usually find new ones on Insta, through other people or on Tiktok. 

Tell us some of your fave independent brands at the moment?

I love Before July (@beforejuly_) and The Foundationals (@thefoundationals) - and getting tees from Everpress (@everpresshq) as they support small independent artists!

You study Economics at uni which is very different from your content and work on Youtube/Instagram. Do you know what you want to do after graduating?

I love using those platforms as a creative outlet but I know I’d find it a lot harder to be creative in a more academic setting, so it’s a perfect balance for me! In school I always preferred maths and science subjects and I would love to find a job that uses that part of my brain, whilst also working towards something with a purpose - where I can help others. I also want to spend some time travelling and I think whatever I'm doing I'll still be making videos too!

What’s been your biggest learning from being known ‘online’?

I think that you have to let go of others' approval and acceptance. As long as I’m happy and proud of what I’ve made, then I can’t worry too much about what happens afterwards.

Photography @elsiematilda 

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