Meet our new fave aussie, Taylor! Cringe as it may be, she’s somewhat of a tik tok star, know as ‘that girl with the cool bedroom’. We took a trip to see for ourselves.

Tell us about your Tik Tok?!

It came about when I moved into my dream digs, and stepped into a new wave of the pandemic with rose tinted glasses! I impulsively uploaded an overly romanticised vlog, and since then, the response has stunned me! But more importantly, the platform has been an outlet for my ever rosy lens.

We talked about being awkward sharing what we do when it’s ‘our own thing’. It was interesting how easily we could big one another up, but not do the same for ourselves personally. Why do you think that is? 

Ahh, self promotion? We don’t know her. As loud and proud as I am online, I totally struggle with owning my new found ‘thing’ in the presence of strangers. There’s probably some internalised misogyny to blame, mixed in with a people-pleasing mentality. But I’m also hyper aware of ensuring my creative outlook remains intact and isn’t tainted by my own ego/the opinions of others. So I guess it’s something I’m still navigating...!

What does the future hold for Taylor? Do you have much of a plan or are you more of a make it up as you go along gal? I’m guessing making it up as you moved from Australia to London pretty spontaneously!

I can visualise my mother reading with far more intent at this point. Gosh, I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner. There are so many different versions of life that I’d love to experience; New York hustle, pottery making, van-life, salsa dancing… perhaps I’ll join the circus and do it all? 

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